Mt. Fuji Climbing Information

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Before, and during climbing the mountain, you should pay attention to the weather forecast since the weather on the mountain is extremely changeable. The Japan Meteorological Agency provides an English website for the non-Japanese. The temperature drops about 0.6 degrees Celsius every 100 meters the altitude increases. The average temperature on the summit is 5 degrees Celsius in the daytime, and it drops below 0 degrees Celsius at dawn. Please bring warm clothing and rain gear.
Climb at your own pace. You will make yourself even more tired if you try to keep up with others or take a break too long. To prevent altitude sickness, you should stay at the 5th station for more than an hour to acclimatize your body to the high altitude before climbing. Average climbing time to summit (will change depending on breaks and time of day): Ascent 4-7 hours / Descent 2-3 hours
There are eco-friendly bio-toilets on the mountain. The fee for the toilet is 200yen per 1 use. Please do not dispose any garbage or foreign substances in the toilets. Toilets in huts and on the summit may be out of service due to overuse or weather conditions.
You are not allowed to pitch a tent on the mountain. It is extremely dangerous to sleep outside. You should stay in the mountain huts for sleeping. Be quiet near mountain huts since there may be people resting for the following day's climbing. Travelers' checks and credit cards are not accepted at mountain huts. Please bring enough cash to cover the expenses of food, lodging and toilets.
[Mountaineering Wear]
The sunlight is strong on the mountain. You need to protect yourself from sunburn with long sleeved shirts and trousers, headgears and sunglasses. You should climb the mountain with comfortable mountaineering boots or trekking shoes with a thick sole that has no gaps for small stones to get caught into.
[Off-season Climbing]
The official climbing season starts on July 1 and ends on August 31. If you wish to climb in the off-season, you must submit a climbing plan to the local police or drop it in the post in front of the police box at the 5th station. You can download the FORM here . No huts or shops are open during the off-season, and the road to the 5th station is closed after mid-November until late-April.
Do not include a climb in part of a busy travel schedule. Be responsible for your own welfare. If you feel ill or suspect bad weather, give up your climb and descend the mountain as soon as you can. Take all the garbage with you. No pets are allowed on the mountain. Walk only on the designated routes. You must not write graffiti, pile up stones or do something that spoils the natural environment.
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